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Teaching God's Word, Advancing The Kingdoms Agenda, Service To Many Leads To Greatness

Who am I? My name is Frank Holley and I grew up in the Maryland area most of my life. I was introduced to God very early in life when I was about 16 years of age.

I remember being fascinated by what I was reading in the Bible. Much of what I read confused me a great deal but I still kept reading and studying. Like most young people, I often got distracted. I wanted to dedicate my life to God and His will but somehow I always would fall back into a life of sin.

That became a struggle for me for many years. I could not understand what my problem was. In my heart I wanted to live obedient to the Bible and It’s teachings, but I could never make it happen consistently.

I ended up, because of my poor decisions, having a very hard time over the years, but through it all I always knew where to turn in times of trouble.

The good thing that came out of all of those experiences is that I learned a lot about God. Things that confused me when I was younger made since to me now. These are the experience I want to share with you. Obviously none of us are perfect but we should all be striving to draw closer to Him and His will.

Even before the existence of mankind God has always had an agenda and plan. Many people have no idea of God’s agenda or plan.

Many of us go through this life without purpose and direction. We drift through life not knowing that God has very specific plans for our lives.

This is why many people get frustrated with a lack of success in their lives. This is when a person’s life can become unbalanced. You can find yourself having a lot of money but no peace. You could have a great job and a bad marriage.

God’s design for every man and woman is that we prosper in every area of our lives. His desire is that we have peace and everything we need.

Above all things it is His absolute will that we use our time on this earth to advance His agenda and grow His kingdom

Honestly, man was never created to operate without or outside of Gods will and purpose. It has been said that man without God is like a moving car without a driver, destine for destruction.

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